Debt Freedom Formula

You deserve to live life without debt constantly looming over your head!

Here is the formula that will guide you through every aspect of the debt repayment process so you can finally start living the life you so desperately want.

Everybody should have the ability to follow their dreams without debt standing in the way!

Having debt constantly looming over your head is no way to live. In fact, you aren't actually living, more like just trying to survive.
Now is the time to break free so you can finally start living the life you so want (and deserve). The Debt Freedom Formula will help you do just that!

What's included?

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What to expect
Before you begin
Course Release Schedule
Debt Freedom Formula Workbook.pdf
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Pre-course Questionnaire
[Module 1] Foundation
Gathering Information
Debt Reality Check
Reframe Your Brain
Preparing For Emergency
[Module 2] Slash Your Spending
Spending Analysis
Discretionary Spending
Fixed Expenses
Money Nuggets
[Module 3] Spending Plan
Budgeting For Debt Payoff - Part 1
Spending Plan - Part 2
Automate Your Budget
**Bonus - Budgeting Made Easy
[Module 4] Debt Payoff Planning
The Culprit
Debt Crusher
Debt Payoff Methods
Debt Check In
Debt Payoff Plan
**Bonus - Debt Payoff Toolkit
*Bonus -Credit Score Catapult
Credit Affects
Credit Clean Up
Minimizing Mishaps
Credit Scores Explained
Improving Your Credit Score
Credit Boost
Boosting Your Score Walk Through
Establishing Credit
Your Credit & Debt Conclusion
[Module 5] Ongoing Progress
Expense Cleanse
More Money
Progress Check
Emergency Fund Goal Planning
**Bonus - Sticky Situations
Dealing With Unexpected Expenses
Getting Your Partner on Board
When Life Throws You A Curve Ball
What's Next
Program Feedback